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About Prime Time

Prime Time Autoglass is proudly owned and operated by Matt Ward. Matt moved to Colorado in 2017 and started the business installing primarily classic windshields! He was working for a chrome plating company at the time and found that his chrome customers were attempting to install expensive classic windshields by themselves. After trading credit at a veterinary clinic in Fort Collins for the labor to install the glass on a ‘56 Ford Victoria, Matt decided it was time to make things official and founded the company that you see today.

Focusing on classic cars and body shop work has allowed Prime Time to set themselves apart in the industry. With 10 years of experience, they are able to take on a larger amount of work than their average competitor without sacrificing quality and passing on a little bit more savings to their customers. Usually a lower price from a competitor means inferior installation materials, but Prime Time prides itself on using the highest quality adhesives on the market. The quality of the “retention system” or combination of glues and primers used in the process will have a major impact on the results the customer will see. For example, a cheap system might mean air leaks, water leaks, and even future corrosion issues. Not a concern when choosing Prime Time!

In October of 2019, Matt grew the team by one whole person! Aaron Orchard will be running the rock chip repair division and ensuring that the quality remains of the highest standard even at the repair level. Rock chip repair can be misleading and have a negative affect on your insurance if dealing with the wrong company. Prime Time Rock Chip Repair offers both cash/credit card/check pricing as well as working with ALL MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANIES. The choice to file a claim with you insurance company is entirely up to you but they offer affordable cash prices to accommodate those who wish to keep the insurance company out of the deal. All of the windshields that they install come with a $20 no hassle rock chip repair warranty in exchange for a performance review! Ask for details when scheduling your replacement!

“We are grateful for each and every one of our customers and we look forward to servicing you in the future!”